My friend, 

Our paths crossed because like me back then, you are looking for a way out...

From the suffering, inadequacy, mediocrity or problems that you may be feeling and facing in your life.

And like most people, we tend to believe...

That having more money, wealth or abundance in our lives will make our lives infinitely better.


That is true… 

But only to a certain extent. 

Money can solve many of our problems. 

It can give us a higher quality of life.

More choices and options...

More enjoyment...

More stability...

And that is why we have focused on wealth building and manifestation from the start of this program.

But that is not the end of the journey.

I am sure that apart from just having more money, you would like to be happy too.

And if you had a choice, you want to be happy for a long time.

You see...

As I improved my financial situation and turned my life around,

I started to realise something very important - and I want to share it with you today.

Success and Happiness is formed and created by a triangle.

On one corner, we have wealth - which I am sure you will be able to get plenty of using Drip Manifestation.

And the other two corners of this triangle are Relationships and Health.

In fact...

They form the foundations and act as supporting pillars for WEALTH.

What’s the use of having all the money you ever needed or wanted, if you had no one to share it with?

Or if you didn’t have the health to enjoy it? 

I am sure you have heard stories of old people who are rich but are also too sick to spend any of their money on enjoying life -

The only thing they are spending on are the endless treatments or hospital expenses. 

You wouldn’t want to become one of them, would you?

I have a confession to make at this point in time.

After I managed to manifest my desires using the principles in Drip Manifestation...

I went on overdrive.

I wanted to spend each and every minute of my waking hours manifesting and doing work.

I was trying as hard as I could...

To manifest more success...

More money...

In order to make up for lost time.

I rarely saw my family...

And did not talk much (if at all) to my friends...

It was as though I had holed myself up in a vacuum.

I neglected my health, as ate my meals irregularly.

I was not getting enough sleep because there was so much to do...

Yes, that is one of the "side effects" of Drip Manifestation -

You will see so many opportunities coming your way, and you want to grab them all.

I pushed myself hard.

And if not for my little nephew, I might have not lived to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

I'm a little embarrassed to share this, but it is important that I make my point to you.

I had been scheduled to turn up at my nephew's birthday party... But I forgot about it. 

And when I was spending my 30th hour of being awake working in my room...

I fainted.

And nobody would have found out. I could have just passed away.

But I was lucky. 

And I have to thank my nephew for it.

Because he had kicked up a fuss when his "favorite uncle" - that's me, was missing from his party.

And insisted that my cousin looked for me.

She tried calling me a few times, and when my family realized that I was uncontactable... 

They checked on me at my apartment and found me unconscious.

I swore to myself that I would never let this happen again.

I really hope that you won't end up following in my footsteps...

Your life can only be truly complete when you are in good health and have loving relationships.


Waking up to a loving family or partner every morning…

Having a strong network of friends and loved ones that are supportive in everything you do. 

Friends and family that are there for you not just when you are successful..

But also when you are struggling..

Or still on your way to success.

Relationships where meaningful memories are made together.

And best of all?

You live each and every moment feeling full of energy and momentum.

And know that you will be able to live your life with rigor and good health, so that you can always be there for your loved ones fully.

If that sounds good to you, then read on.

Images are for illustration only. Product will be delivered digitally to you.

Because of my personal experiences...

I managed to adapt the principles I had used to develop Drip Manifestation

To achieve great results and improvements in these two areas of life -

relationships and health.

And because you have taken your first steps to changing your life forever...

I know that these will become important to you even if you don't feel that way now.

So in order to encourage you to take care of these two important areas of your life,

I am going to offer you a chance to enhance your experience with Drip Manifestation HARMONY.

And just for today, you will be able to upgrade your order for just $37. 

You will be getting two specially crafted tracks that will help you to manifest great health and more loving relationships.

Images are for illustration only. Product will be delivered digitally to you.

DRIP MANIFESTATION - RELATIONSHIPS is designed to help you attract love into your life, whether it is a wonderful partner, or more loving relationships with your family and friends. You will find that even your relationships at work will be enhanced and more smooth sailing!

DRIP MANIFESTATION - HEALING helps you to undo the years of damage and abuse that you have done to your body and mind. It helps you to let go of habits and thought patterns that are causing you harm. If you are looking to improve your health, then this is something that you must have!


There's more...

I am also giving you a copy of the Drip Manifestation Grounding track.

It is something that I created to help myself stay on track.

Something that I use personally whenever I find myself unable to focus my attention or energy on what I want to do...

Or when I am unable to find direction and guidance despite all that I am doing.

I think of it as a tool that helps me to cleanse my energy and my surroundings so that I can find clarity.

I am not releasing this to the public, but you will get a copy because I know that it will help you tremendously.

Images are for illustration only. Product will be delivered digitally to you.

I had intended to charge $97 for this...

But because fate allowed our paths to cross today... and I admire you for being proactive in making your dreams come true...

You can get access to these tracks for just $37! 

Yes, this is a heavily discounted price that is available only to you.



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You read that right.

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If it doesn’t work for you, I don’t want your money.

Because I designed this program to help you to achieve the life of your dreams.

And I am confident that it will do so.

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See you on the other side,