Discover the little secret that manifestation gurus are not telling you

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FACT #1:

Most people who have tried manifestation programs of any sort won't be or haven't been able to manifest any of their desires.

FACT #2:

Despite their best intentions, or even fervently listening to the MP3s and tapes in these programs, they are only able to manifest at best a fraction of what they desire.

If you are reading this letter, you most probably are no stranger to the Law of Attraction, or the highly popular movie “The Secret”.

Perhaps you have tried a few programs before, hoping that you could make your dreams come true...

Like manifesting some extra cash to tide you through tough times...

Or getting a better job that you don't dread going to every day.


Like majority of the people who have tried to manifest abundance or success in their lives,

It is likely that you have experienced little to no success in doing so.

And you probably feel a little frustrated...


It is not that the Law of Attraction or “The Secret” doesn’t work.

Nor is it that those gurus were lying to you.

These gurus were on the right track…

But they have become so attuned in manifesting their desires…

That they often overlook the simple but profound truths and ideas that make manifestation possible in the first place.

If you read till the end of this letter, I will be sharing with you the little known (and rarely shared) secret that will change all that...

This simple secret will change the way you look at your life.

And in so doing, you will start to attract and manifest all the things that you have always dreamed of and wished for.

The wealth that you so desire…

The fancy car that you have always wanted…

The dream house that you have been discussing with your partner about for years…

And the BEST part of all this?

The ability to live life on your own terms…

No longer having to drag yourself out of bed each day to get to a job that zaps all the motivation and joy from you....

Or worrying every day about the unpaid bills piling up on your desk...


But first, let me tell you more about my story (and why you should continue reading this letter).

My name is Donovan.

And I grew up in a low-middle income family.

What that means, was that while I never went hungry…

I could only watch as my peers got the latest gadgets, went for the coolest vacations, and wore the newest sneakers to school.

I was in spectator mode for almost everything exciting that happened around me.

It felt like I could only live through the eyes of other people.

After all…

My parents did not have enough money to splurge on these luxuries for me and my sister.

Life was not tough, but I knew that my parents wished they had the ability to give us more.

My ambition, when I was young, was to become rich.

And I studied really hard in school.

After all, getting good grades was the only way I could get a high paying job.

Right? (The answer is no, but more on that in a second)

After I graduated from college, I sent my resume to as many of the companies I wanted to work for as I could.

Banks, major corporations, you name it.

I was anxious.

All that years of hard work.

I really wanted to get a great job that paid me well and made me look good.

Tick tock.

Went the clock…

Days went by…

Then weeks…

Then months.

Despite the outstanding grades on my resume, I did not manage to land a single job out of the many that I applied for.

Well, I did get called up for a couple of interviews, but it was always radio silence after that.

I felt devastated as I watched my peers, friends who had graduated at the same time as me, get really cool and interesting jobs that paid well.

It was as though I was fated to be stuck in mediocrity, poverty, and powerlessness.

I felt like a loser.

But reality did not allow me to feel sorry for myself for very long.

With the impending repayments for the student loans I took for my college degree breathing down my neck...

I decided that I would take on any job that came my way.

I figured it would be better to have some income than none at all.

This time, it was easier.

I saw an opening for a sales job dealing with investments and applied for it.

There was no basic salary provided.

But the ad promised a high commission and an exciting lifestyle.

Why not? I asked myself as I stepped into the office.

To my surprise, I saw an old friend from high school in the office.


He was the popular guy back in high school, and always seemed to have never ending ideas on how to make money. Even during our time in high school.

He had been tasked to introduce me to the investments that were carried out by the company,

And to explain how I would be able to make money from these, either by investing myself, or by inviting and convincing people to invest.

Looking at the charts and spreadsheets he showed me, I made some mental calculations of how much I could earn if everything went well.

Gary told me that he had been working here for the past year, and had already earned enough to buy a new Mustang.

I was hooked instantly.

That night, he brought me to a party at a popular club to meet his boss.

Or rather, our boss.

Since I had already agreed to join the company.

We had a great time, and I remember thinking to myself –

This is the start of my new life.

And I had rosy thoughts of how I was going to turn my life around fully.

I couldn't fall asleep that night as I imagined the possibilities that this job would bring me.

Driven by a desire for success,

I poured myself fervently into my new found job.

I combed through my contacts and chatted up old friends,

Attended family gatherings that I would have otherwise avoided,

All in hopes of pulling in more funds for the investments.

My hard work paid off, and within the next year or so, I had made more money than I would have if I had gotten the “high paying” jobs I had applied for previously.

I was happy, and proud of myself.


The boss, who held all the money that had been raised for the investments,

Suddenly stopped paying out the dividends that were promised to us and our investors.

He cited many seemingly believable reasons why he could not produce the money.

At first, we believed him.

After all, this had been working well for the past two years.

Nobody had a reason to doubt him.

But weeks turned into months…

And the reasons turned into excuses.

But we couldn’t even meet up with him to get more clarity on the situation...

As he was always overseas, tending to these “investments” as he claimed.

The pressure was mounting.

Many of my family and close friends had invested a large sum of their life savings with me.

I had all of my money in it.

And did not have any other sources of income apart from it.

It was getting increasingly hard to stay afloat as the days flew by.

And the investors constantly asking me for updates about the investment (when there weren't any) was driving me crazy gradually.

I resorted to borrowing, at first from the banks, then from money lenders.

I even sold the Rolex watch that I loved.

Somehow, I lived under the delusion that the money would eventually come back and I would be able to repay all these loans easily.

But that proved to be my wishful thinking.

I was at my wit’s end.

The debts were piling up, and I did not have enough money to repay them.

I took up whatever jobs I could to try and make ends meet.

The job market was bad..

And the fact that I had not held a proper job related to my degree before meant I couldn’t get a decent job.

Every company was either looking for fresh graduates or people with experience.

I was neither.

Every day felt like a dread.

I dreaded waking up.

Afraid to look at my phone and see the countless angry messages that I received from the investors.

I hated going to work knowing that I wasn’t going to make enough to cover the repayments.

Almost all of my thoughts were focused on how I was going to make it through the next week, both mentally and financially.

At several points in time, I seriously contemplated ending it all by committing suicide.

If I did not have the support and company of a few friends that stood by me through it all…

You probably won’t be reading this letter right now.  

Hoping that I would pick myself up and see better days, one of these friends introduced me to “The Secret” and a few other manifestation programs.

But no matter how I tried, I couldn’t “manifest” the things that I desired.

I felt like a loser AGAIN.

As though it was my fate to forever be banished to the realms of poverty and struggle.

Perhaps I was just not meant for greater things in life?

Dark thoughts went through my mind perpetually, even as I was meditating.

One day, I finally snapped.

A very persistent investor had called me for the 10th time in a month, demanding for updates to the situation regarding the investments.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

And I screamed over the phone at him.

“You are not wanting updates, you are just trying to force me to say that the money is back, even if you know it isn’t true!”

I hung up on him.

And he did not call back, surprisingly.

I breathed heavily for the next few minutes after the call.

And slowly, I found myself relieved.

Like a huge stone had been lifted off my chest.

My mind felt a whole lot clearer…

Because I had an epiphany.

One that finally put me on the right track,

In my meditations,

In my quest for manifesting my desires.

It finally clicked.

You see, what I am about to share with you has nothing to do with any ancient civilizations, or any groundbreaking neuroscience discoveries.

It is a simple and widely known fact that has been touched upon briefly in many manifestation programs and books.

“What you FOCUS ON expands”

Yes. Even (or especially) the negative things.

As we go about our daily lives, we are often too caught up in what happens inside our brains to notice the things happening around us.

Let me give you an example.

Before my sister got pregnant, it seemed like there were no pregnant women in the world.

Well, at least not around me.

But when my sister was having an obvious baby bump,

I started to notice more and more pregnant women around me.

No, it is not some shamanistic magic.

It was simply my mind being more aware and receptive.

Now, let us do another simple exercise.

Take a deep breath…


Try your best not to think of a pink elephant.

Chances are, you either thought of something pink, or an elephant.

Or maybe even a pink elephant.

It’s amazing how our minds work, isn’t it?

And by adapting to, and making use of the ways our minds tend to work,

We can train ourselves to attract the life of our dreams.

Achieve the success we crave,

And to manifest the things that we want to have and deeply desire.

You see, I spent months meditating on the epiphany that I had that day after the call.

Although it wasn't a magic wand that I just waved to make all my problems go away,

It had profound effects on my manifestation journey.

I experimented with various methods and ways to improve my “manifestation” results.

Doing so has allowed me to come up with a way that will jerk you out of perpetually negativity quickly…

And propel you towards the success and abundance that you crave.

Whether it is a better job, a higher salary…

A more loving relationship…

Anything that you desire.

I’m not gonna lie.

I am not a billionaire by any means yet.

But I have definitely gotten out of the dark place I had been in.

I have also manifested a high paying job (a real one!) that I am happy to be doing.

I have a substantial amount of money that gives me the financial freedom I want.

I have also met someone that I love and loves me deeply.

While all that “investment” money has not come back, I have managed to reach a common understanding with majority of the investors involved.

My problems have been resolved…

And I am confident that I can tackle any problems that come my way in the future.

If you choose to embark on your journey today, you will definitely be able to see AMAZING results in your own life!



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You don’t have to undergo hours of meditation daily for months to get the results that you desire.

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I will hold your hand every step of the way…

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Why is it only $47 if it is so powerful?

Wouldn’t I charge $997, or even thousands of dollars…

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And manifest anything they desire?

Well... You are not wrong.

When I was putting this together, I contemplated charging a premium price for it.

But I remembered how I felt when everything seemed hopeless back then.

By making this knowledge available to people at a more affordable price,

More people who need it can benefit…

And eventually, the world would be a happier and better place...

Because what goes around comes around...

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That’s just how it works.


If you have always felt that you were meant for more in life than you currently have…

I am here to tell you that it is true.

You deserve more….







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